How does work? is a paid to signup website. Members get paid $0.04 cents for creating an account on our advertisers' websites. Advertisers pay $0.10 cents for each signup they get, when they have verify and approve it.

I didn't get my payment, why?
All payments are guaranteed, we are not a scam! We send payments every Monday to ALL members who reached the minimum of $0.07 cents. If you did not received your payment, it must be for one of the following reasons: 1) Your Paypal account can't receive funds at the moment. You will need to check with Paypal. 2) We don't send payments to members who's Paypal account is "not verified". 3) You have a wrong Paypal email address set up on your profile.

Why I'm not getting pay for my referrals?
Do to too many members cheating the referral system, we decided to closed it back on April, 2013. You can still invite your friends if you wish, however you will not get pay for doing so.

Can I get paid with Payza or other payment method?
No, sorry. You must have a Paypal account to get paid, as we only use Paypal for payments.

My account got suspended, why?
For one or more from the following reasons: 1) For submitting fake usernames and not signing up at websites. 2) You have more than 1 account. We only allow one account per household. 3) You are from China, Taiwan, or Vietnam. We don't allow members from these countries, because most of them try to cheat the system.

I did not get credit for a signup, why?
You need to wait between 1-2 days for advertiser to verify your signup. Make sure you are submitting the "correct username" for verification (is not your member id). If you join a bux site, you must make at least 3 clicks to get approved. You get paid for creating "new accounts only", not if you are already a member of that website.

When will I get paid?
You will get paid automatically when you reach $0.07 cents on your account balance, there is no need to request a payment. We process all payments every Monday. Please make sure your Paypal email is correct.

Are there any payment fees?
Yes. Members are charge a very low fee ($0.02 cents) for each payment we send them.

My account got deleted, why?
All accounts with no logins for more than 60 days are auto-deleted. This can't be undone.